The promises me wade were not enough


Say hello to Mary :)

She’s 7 months old, and is suffering with an eye infection called bacterial conjunctivitis which could make her blind if it’s not treated properly. Unfortunately this operation isn’t cheap and my family don’t have the money to spare. 

I’m trying to help them and Mary by raising money for her, I work 10 hours every sunday and saturday when I’m not in school, but it doesn’t quite match what we need :(

You could help me enormously if you would go on my blog and click the ads, all you have to do it leave it open in another tab while you carry on blogging, and clicking around on the site would be amazing <3

Thankyou so so much for reading, if you read this far, and even if you don’t click then please pray for Mary! xxx 

You got a heart of gold. 
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Now’s the part where you hug back.


"I coulda dropped my croissant"

Chandler: I don’t dance at weddings… Because weddings are a great place to meet women, and when I dance, I look like this…

You are so out of our league.